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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you buy?

We buy any unwanted gold, silver, or platinum items that you no longer want or need. See more on What We Buy.

How do we calculate the value of my gold jewelry?

We calculate the cash value of your gold jewelry based on these factors:
The price of gold as quoted by the London afternoon fixing on the day of settlement.
The karat content of your gold which is a percentage of 24 karat: 10kt is 41.6%; 14kt is 58.3%; 18kt is 75%
The actual weight of your gold jewelry items.

How will I be paid?

If you accept our offer, we issue you a company check on the spot.

Do I need to weigh my gold at home?

No. We will weigh your gold on a calibrated electronic scale in full view.

Do you buy diamonds?

We will purchase some diamonds if they are ½ karat or larger. If you are uncertain what size diamond you have, bring it in to one of our locations and we will be happy to assess size, cut and clarity and determine if it is within our buying parameters.

Can you remove my gemstones?

We are happy to remove gemstones in our stores at no charge. Stones can be removed if they are prong-set and are larger than 2.0 millimeters. We do not remove baguettes, chips, pave, bezel or channel set stones.

Do you take dental crowns?

We take gold dental products, including the gold in porcelain fused crowns. Bring your crowns in, and we will give you an estimate. You may be surprised at what it is worth.
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